Sometimes even the simplest question can be hard to ask, so we wanted to share with you some FAQ's that many of members of our Forums have asked over the years when they first think about planning a Disney Weddings.

We are considering a Disney Wedding – where should we start?

Disney Weddings are magical and we’re so happy you are considering getting married at Walt Disney World, Disneyland or on the Disney Cruise Line!  There is a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming.  Here are some of our favorite sites to start on your journey:

*  Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding website: www.disneyweddings.com

*  Follow Disney Weddings on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DisneyWeddings/

*  Join the Disneymooner message board www.disneymooner.com a community of nearly 700 members who are currently planning Disney weddings or who have already had a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding.


We’ve watched the Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding special several times and love one of the weddings that were featured – are those real couples and can we really have a wedding at Disney like that?

Yes and Yes!  The weddings featured on the show are real life couples who were already planning a Disney wedding when they were approached by Disney to be featured on the show.  Some of those couples are also members of the Disneymooner community and have shared not only their wedding planning and recaps of their special day but also parts of the tv show filming.


I’ve heard Disney has a “secret service” for weddings – is that true?

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings team members attend every wedding and often have several team members with them to assist in your special moments.  These team members have ear pieces and radios and are frequently referred to as “wedding secret service”.  They are a part of the magic!


The Disney Wedding’s website has several locations listed for receptions; however, my fiancé and I have an idea for a location that is not listed.  Is that an option?  Who should we speak to about our ideas?  Do you know anyone who has had a reception location not listed?

“A dream is a wish your heart makes” and many couples have specific dreams of where their wedding and reception will take place.  Disney is the place where dreams come true and YES, there are many couples who have had receptions in locations not specifically listed on the website or in the planning packets provided by Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings department.  We recommend you speak to your Disney Wedding Specialist about any locations you are interested in for your reception.


We are so overwhelmed with information, what’s the best way to start narrowing things down?

With Disney the sky is the limit and for some couples that can make it challenging to finalize wedding plans. We recommend joining the Disneymooner forum and starting a planning journal where you can ask detailed questions, post photos, create your inspiration board and chat with other couples planning their own Disney weddings.  Many of us also kept detailed notebooks or binders with all of our wedding ideas and plans.


After spending hours on the Disney Wedding website we are very concerned about staying within our budget.  Can we have a Disney Wedding for the minimum amount?

Absolutely!  Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding’s department will work with you to meet your dreams and your budget.  The Disneymooner forums also provide an excellent resource to post your budget concerns and obtain advice from couples who have been there and successfully stayed within their budgets.


We’d like our wedding events to include fireworks, what options do we have at Walt Disney World?

Disney’s nighttime firework shows are magical and one of a kind, something many couples choose to share with their guests.  There are several venues that will allow you to have fireworks at one of your wedding events.   While this list is not all inclusive it does include many of the locations available to host a welcome dinner, a cocktail hour, a dessert party or a full reception:

  Illuminations Reflections of Earth (EPCOT)

  Wishes (Magic Kingdom) – these events are typically held at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort

   Fantasmic (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)


Should we hire Disney’s team to handle everything or are there other vendors you recommend we hire as our photographer, videographer, florist, etc?   

Excellent question!  Which vendor to hire is such a personal decision that we cannot recommend one vendor over another.  We do encourage you to contact all vendors you are interested in, get a copy of the contract they would require you to sign and keep a detailed list of any and all questions you think of.  Our forums include multiple vendor reviews and areas to ask questions on all aspects of vendor services, including how Disney compares to XYZ company and which vendor would you pick given these circumstances.


What about characters?  Can we have them at our wedding events?  Does Mickey walk you down the aisle?  Which characters are available?

Yes, Disney Characters can be a part of your magical day!  There are so many options for what role they can play; however, walking the bride down the aisle is not one of the options available.  Your Disney Wedding Specialist can provide you with a list of the characters available for your wedding venues.  Some of the characters Disneymooner members have had as part of their wedding events include:  Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale, Stitch, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Mary Poppins, Scrooge McDuck, Major Domo, Mad Hatter,


We’re interested in a Disney Wedding for multiple reasons, however, our vision is for an upscale event that doesn’t involve characters or anything with Mickey Mouse – is this something Disney can handle?

Absolutely!  Disney’s wedding team is one of the premier wedding departments within the industry.  They have partnered with David Tutera, Kristie Kelly and other high profile vendors to create spectacular events.  Part of the magic of Disney is that you can choose to include the aspects you want.


If you had it to do all over again would you still choose Disney for your wedding?

Speaking personally and probably for 99.9% of our members then YES YES YES!   


Is there a book about Disney Weddings we can purchase?

Yes there is!  A member of ours, Carrie Hayward, has written a book – Passporter's Disney Weddings & Honeymoons: Dream Days at Disney World and on Disney Cruises. If you are looking for a book to purchase on Disney Weddings, we highly recommend this combination guidebook and wedding organizer. You can purchase it at http://www.passporter.com/weddings.asp