Vendors - Photography

One of the biggest decisions any couple makes is whom they will use to capture the precious moments of their wedding day. From start to finish the photographs taken that day will help make the memories of your wedding day last a lifetime.

The decision is a personal one and really depends on the style you and your bride or groom gravitates towards. Do you like more of a photojournalistic approach? Do you like more formal portraits over more candid images? Regardless of your style you should begin researching your options and investigating the portfolios of the photographers you are considering.

Disney Event Photography

  • Disney Fairytale Weddings offers brides and grooms their photography services through Disney Event Photography.  Couples are not required to use these services for their wedding but there are exceptions.  Any couples using a theme park wedding venue must use Disney Event Photography. These include all locations inside Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom Parks.  This policy holds true to theme park bridal photo shoots as well.
  • Brides and Grooms can requests a photographer from the Disney Event Photography team but the assigned photographer is based on availability. 
  • A portfolio of the photographers on this team with examples is found here.
  • Couples who use their services can apply the cost to their event minimum.
  • Disney Photography offers several packages that are highlighted on our forums. These prices change frequently so please be sure to join our private forums to get up to date prices and options. One consideration is that Disney does not provide the high-resolution images to couples after the wedding this cd is something that must be purchased in addition.

Outside Vendors

Many Brides and Grooms choose to use an outside photography vendor for their wedding day.  The list of outside photography vendors is endless. We have a detailed list on our private forums as well as client reviews and photographs.  Please check out portfolio section on this site for a small selection of some of the photographers Disneymooners have used over the years.

One of the great benefits of using an outside vendor is knowing who will be photographing your wedding day before hand. You will be able to have a selection to choose from and know exactly what you are paying for.  Most outside photography vendors include the high-resolution images in your packages as well. However, couples can't use this outside vendor towards their event minimums.

Please remember that outside vendors are not allowed in any of the in-park venues. Some brides and grooms decide to use Disney's services for only one event and an outside vendor for others.  Perhaps, couples who want their Illuminations Dessert party will use Disney's services for that event but someone else for their out of park wedding and reception events.